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March 8, 2018 | By More

Finding the perfect birthday gifts for kids is not an easy task. If you are running out of the ideas and you don’t know what to gift to your little one as you might have already presented everything, here’s the list which will give you the idea of gifts.

Tricky game of trunks

The game isn’t only fun to play, but it is also educational and provides knowledge as well. You need to pick the balls in the order that the challenging cards say, but you need to be careful as the rolling balls can also be tricky all the way.

Jupiter Scooter

With so many LED lights in it, the scooter which can also be folded feels like there’s something from the future. The break was made to be accessible easily, and it also makes sure of secure and comfortable stop every time.

Candy Land

Combine them with all the childhood games of the board with the rustic collection that include Connect 4, and Monopoly among others. The game has the illustrations which are vintage looking and wooden pieces of gingerbread game.

Hair Kit

Kids of the age of 8 years and more then that can go crazy with the washable and blendable hair colors. It is one of the best online gifts for kids with the spray bottle, hair chalks as well as instruction guide which you can also read to avoid any messes related to the game.


They cling well to the finger of your child, and they also have the touch as well as sound which makes the tiny kids even more lifelike. These are also the fast selling, so it makes the best online gifts for kids.

11 piece kit of chef

The aspiring baker deserves best tools which are naturally BPA free. With co-ordinated sets that comes in three colors from which you can choose, it includes the things like measuring spoons, apron, a whisk and more for whipping the batch of cookies.

Set of music

Musicians in-training dedicate a lot of amount of time to practicing the instrument o their choice, so why not give your kids of ages 3-8 the gift which offers fun as well as colorful?

LOL surprise dolls

Many kids are obsessed with these dolls. Kids unravel the layers of each one to get the prizes like charms, stickers as well as accessories. If you would like to splurge, go for this gift which has 50 surprises only in one.

Kids Cookbook

It consists of more than 100 tested recipes which are so delicious. Start with your kid and start baking the meatball mozzarella pizza first which are best in taste.

Green Toys Toolset

It consists of the pink tools which are made from 100% recycled jugs of milk and free of BPA and phthalates. This starter set will bring the third pair of hands on board after the next trip.

NASA Playset

The set is inspired by the female astronauts and tops the list of best birthday gifts for kids.

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