4 Benefits of Hiring a Med Answering Service


If you are a physician who has their own clinic, you would know the struggles of running it. It is not an easy job to run a clinic and focus on your medical practice at the same time. There have to be seamless co-ordination between the front staff, you and back-staff operations. It is quite stressful and expensive to handle your staff if you want to run your clinic successfully. To ease your situation, hiring a medical service is a brilliant idea. This service answers all your incoming calls and also gives your clients a perfect customer service. If you are busy with a patient, you may not be able to answer all calls or texts, and in case of an emergency, you could miss out on a patient. But, when you have hired a medical answering service to streamline your clinic, you won’t miss out on any of your client’s calls. A med answering service is like a virtual receptionist who is taking calls on your behalf and then escalate it accordingly. These services operate as a call center service and have quite a few benefits if you are looking to expand your business.

  1. Save Money

Every minute counts when you are a doctor. If you have a dedicated front staff to handle your incoming calls and e-mails, you can save that amount if you hire a med answering service provider. This service cuts down your employee cost, and you can use that staff to help you with your practice. Also, if you have a receptionist, they won’t answer any client calls after working hours, but a med answering service is available 24 hours. In case of an emergency, it is the best possible service for your practice. The fees of a med answering service are much lower than what you’d pay a full-time staff. You can instead save the money and focus on extending your medical practice and business.

  1. Available 24 Hours

Sometimes when you are off duty, relaxing at home or spending time with your family, there could still be emergency cases. It’s not feasible to answer all calls as not all of them could be important. But when you hire a med answering service, they answer all your incoming calls and then filter it as well. The most important and emergency calls are diverted to you so you can take immediate action. This service is available 24 hours and also pacifies the clients when they are trying to reach you. The clients who don’t have an emergency still expect you to answer their calls, and it is possible with a med answering service. Otherwise, it is impossible to answer all calls, and your full-time receptionist will only answer them in working hours but not after that. Also, when your client calls, there will only be one point of contact and will be able to set your appointment without any hassle. For example, even if a client calls late night to get an early appoint for the next day, they will still be able to manage it without you.

  1. Customer Service

A med answering service is like your virtual receptionist who is equally trained to do a good job. They are given proper training and are well aware of the medical terms. If you are not available, it is the duty of the med answering service to give your clients a suitable answer that is medically accepted and helps to calm the client. They are also trained to speak in different languages and address every client in the language that is comfortable for them. For example, if a man calls in an emergency situation and can only speak French, it is the trained virtual receptionist who will use her language skills to address the issue to the doctor. This makes your job easier, and your clients will be happy as well. The virtual receptionist is also trained to handle tough clients without getting losing their cool. This will help keep you stress-free and focus more on your practice.

4.Gives you Time to Expand your Business

If you are running the clinic on your own, it could be quite a daunting task. You will have to answer your client’s calls, attend them and make sure they are happy. It could get very stressful, and you won’t have any time to concentrate on your practice or expand your clinic. But, when you hire a med answering service machine, you get more time to practice medicine and also expand your business. You can also enjoy your spare time without worrying about your clients calling. As a doctor, you also need the time to relax and unwind so you can attend patients with a fresh perspective. But, if you are overworked and stressed, it could even affect your business.