5 Useful Tips To Overcome Dental Anxiety Amid COVID-19 Pandemic


The coronavirus outbreak has had a significant impact on people. Some have developed anxiety regarding visiting the dentist today. You have dental anxiety if you cringe at the idea of sitting in the dental chair. This puts you at risk of various dental issues that dental treatment could take care of. To ensure that you don’t hesitate to visit a Waterloo dentist amid the COVID-19 pandemic, here are some pointers to beat the anxiety.

Understanding Dental Anxiety

First things first, you have to understand dental anxiety before knowing how to fight it. It is a nagging feeling that something might go wrong in the middle of your dental procedure. This might make you neglect to go for your dental appointment. Doing this puts you at risk of escalating dental issues that are likely to turn into emergencies. Some of the potential causes of dental anxiety include past bad experiences or an underlying fear of tools used during the procedure.

Kids also develop dental anxiety from parents who use dentists as a tool to incite fear in them about discipline. Some of the various triggers for dental anxiety include:

  • Sounds of drilling
  • Fear of sharp objects
  • Fear of blood
  • Smell of some chemicals like eugenol
  • Having trust issues with the dentist
  • Sensations of high-frequency vibrations in the mouth
  • Sight of air-turbine drills and needles

COVID-19 Pandemic and Dental Anxiety

Patients are encouraged to communicate their hesitations and overall health conditions before visiting a professional dentist in Waterloo . This gives the dentist an idea of how to help you beat the anxiety. Additionally, it allows how everyone will remain safe regardless of the current coronavirus outbreak. With everyone practicing social distancing, there is a fear of going to see the dentist for fear of getting infected.

The experience at the dentist involves close contact increasing the risk of exposure. Keep in mind that the mouth is a great source of transmission on exposure to the virus. Additionally, there is usually close contact with aerosol treatments and patients increases the risk of aerosolized transmission. Limiting this requires the dentist to wear PPEs. The pandemic has put various things to a halt but dental care is an essential service.

Useful Tips To Overcome Dental Anxiety Amid COVID-19 Pandemic


It is very important to communicate your fears to your dentist before the visit. Professional dentists ensure that patients are comfortable and safe throughout the experience including during the pandemic. Honestly, tell the dentist your health condition including vital signs, potential exposure, travel history, and any dental anxiety triggers.

The dentist will explain appropriate steps to take and measures at the office to give you peace of mind regarding your safety. When making an appointment, explain your dental condition to tell whether it is an emergency or it can wait. For chances of exposure to the coronavirus, the dentist might disclose to authorities your Patient Identifiable Information for easier tracing.

Follow Safety Guidelines

Every public place today has enforced sanitation and disinfection measures. Most importantly, the OSHA has guidelines for dental practices for the safety of staff and patients. Be ready to abide by them for the safety of everyone. Expect to sanitize your hands before entering the dental office and your temperature taken. Besides, the dentist is going to wash hands frequently throughout the procedure.

Wear a facemask to the dentist  and the dental staff will be wearing these as well including PPEs. Be careful not to touch surfaces in public places including in the dental office. While in the waiting room, expect to sit not too near others to maintain social distancing.

Keep Abreast With Safety Guidelines

The best way to stay safe from the virus is to educate yourself about how to avoid getting infected. Keep in mind that information is always flying everywhere. So, ensure to get guidelines from recommended sources including the CDC. Apart from knowing getting into close contact with others is risky, do everything possible to avoid getting into close contact with people who sneeze or cough.

The virus transfers through droplets from the nose or mouth. Touching surfaces or other things and touching your nose, eyes, or mouth is very risky. Equally important is to avoid close contact with asymptomatic patients who might not have any signs of the virus.

Plan Is Key

Another hack to beat anxiety regarding visiting the dentist  today is to plan appropriately for your appointment. It is very important to visit the dental office after informing the dentist. Equally important is preparing all your documents including sanitation kit and protective gear. This is very important to ensure that there is no wasting time. Additionally, it ensures that you have everything to protect yourself from the virus handy everywhere.


Dentists are working tirelessly to keep you safe from any oral issues. Expect safety guidelines in place mandated by the CDC when you visit the dental office for emergency and non-emergency cases. All you have to do is to overcome any anxiety that might be stopping you from visiting the dentist.