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“Someone who’s taken a cute cat and maked it cuter by adding a lovely caption and then shared it with all the world,” says Clay Shirky, American writer, consultant and teacher around the social and economic outcomes of Internet technologies of Lolcats.
He then speaks concerning the spectrum from mediocrity to excellence. Something is superior to nothing. Creating lolcats is superior to watching a television set for hours on end. Lolcats can be a popular Internet meme in which captions they fit on kitty (kitteh!) pictures. The phenomenon can be so popular that it is even being done on other animals along with cats.
While the I Can Haz Cheezeburger site was the start of lolcats, now you may post them, create their particular and share them friends… and nearly everyone has. Shirky discusses why these cute kitty pics are in fact a sign of human progress. He talks about a gulf between doing nothing and doing something. The Internet, including Lolcats, make a bridge over this gulf.
Before the Internet, people spent a lot of time doing nothing. We would hear radio or china clay gujarat – HDMicrons.com stare in a TV the good news is using the advent and rise in popularity of the Internet, we’ve got new ways to connect and hd microns china clay – HDMicrons.com interact.
“Someone who produces a lolcat has recently crossed over that Gulf” [of doing nothing and doing something], says Shirky.
It’s a real great point that Shirky brings up. Creativity is the inspiration for genius. Truly intelligent people often think away from box. They stretch the boundaries of what is normal and ordinary. They target bigger and things, for first time things and new experiences.
While lolcats are admittedly silly, even by those that know and love them, fortunately they are creative. They make you laugh and often the harder witty they are, they funnier these are. The whole idea behind “what animals are thinking” is a fun one. If you’ve ever a pet dog, you might have experienced it.
Many owners speak for their animals or speculate what their animals could be saying if they could talk. Commercials happen to be made onto it, America’s Funniest Home Videos mimics it and Lolcats brings it to us in picture-poster form.
Shirky compares Lolcats to the starting point over that gulf from doing nothing into doing something. While it may be silly childish humor with a, it does not take beginnings of genius. It’s the 1st step in a very long distinctive line of possibilities for human progress. What do you think? Chime in with your comments.
Are Lolcats creative?
Are Lolcats a sign of human progress?