5 Meditation Techniques for Travelers


5 Meditation Techniques for Travelers

By Bijay Rawat 1 year ago Health

5 Meditation Techniques - Meditation is a spiritual technique of getting rid of stress. It is a mental exercise that helps to relax your mind and body. You can either live in your own world or you can explore the world to discover and admire the beautiful things of nature. The best method to do so is meditation. 

The common scenario about meditation is that one has to sit with crossed legs and eyes closed on the floor. The main objective of doing meditation is to find ways to know oneself. This can also be done when you are traveling. Though it is difficult for travelers to do any physical exercise while traveling but you can practice meditation while you are traveling. A few simple meditation techniques for travelers are given here that can help you to enjoy your journey.


Breathing is a normal feature of every individual and we breathe no matter where we are. This is one of the simplest and basic fundamental techniques of meditation. You can easily practice this meditation technique no matter where you are and what you are doing. You have to just bring your thoughts to your breath. To simply pay attention to your breath and the air that you are breathing in and breathing out. You may find it difficult to practice in the beginning but if you will start doing it regularly when traveling, you will surely love it and enjoy your traveling.

Repetition of a mantra

Mantra means to think and it is a thing that helps you to think. It includes a blend of words that are repeated while focusing your mind. It helps to bring peace to your mind. You can choose any simple and easy to say the mantra. You can practice it along with breathing. It will really help you to feel relaxed when traveling on a crowded road in a bus.

Enjoy nature

You will feel relaxed while watching nature when traveling. It is also a kind of meditation. You can enjoy the tall trees, birds chirping on the branches of the trees, different colors of flowers blooming on the plants, rustling sound of the leaves and many other such things. It will help to relieve your stress naturally and you will feel relaxed mentally and physically. one of the best methods to relax when traveling. It is a wonderful past time. When you are traveling long distances, you can watch outside and you will not realize when your destination will arrive. Believe me and try to practice this method of meditation next time when you will travel.

Synchronize with the surroundings

Many people feel travel sickness. The best way to avoid travel sickness is to synchronize with the surroundings. You can synchronize with waves of the water if you are traveling by boat or a ship. Similarly, you can synchronize with the clouds when you are traveling by air. It is best to accept the things as they are because you cannot change anything. This will help you to feel much better and accomplish your trip without any difficulty.

Watch the heavenly bodies at night

The best technique for night travelers is to watch the heavenly bodies at night. You should observe the moon because it will always go with you. We take the moon with ourselves when we travel. Many people do not want to accept the new environment but the happy thing is that the moon that you watch from the window of your room is still seen above you. It will help you to reconnect with yourself.

Benefits of meditation for travelers

Meditation for travelers is really helpful. It not only helps them to get rid of stress but also helps them to accomplish their tasks easily.

There are different meditation techniques and different techniques work for different people on the basis of their mood. It is important to take complete interest in the technique that you want to use for doing meditation while traveling. The main aim of doing meditation when traveling is to avoid stress and tension. Other benefits of meditation for travelers are:

  • It helps them to get proper sleep and make them active and energetic.
  • It helps them to avoid jet lag.
  • Help them to avoid travel sickness.
  • It helps them to enjoy their journey and feel happy and relaxed even after a long journey.

It is worth spending time doing meditation practice when traveling as it provides out of body experiences. You can achieve a comfort level and peace even at the busiest airport or a bus stop. It is very important to be nice to everyone whom you meet when traveling. It will create a sense of pleasure and good self-being. Try to avoid anger when traveling especially with your kids. You have to be nice to yourself. The big part of meditation when traveling is to be kind and compassionate.


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