How to treat flea bites on your body


How to treat flea bites on your body

By Bijay Rawat 1 year ago Health

If you are raising a couple of lovable, cute dogs, day and night, they play around your beds, or you can’t sleep soundly without embracing them. Because of this reason, you might become a “prey” of fleas, sucking-blood parasites feeding on your pets. On your body, flea bites are several red, itchy spots in a row. Whenever you feel itchy, it’s time to look at your own pets and treat flea right away.

Stop scratching

Home remedies or industrial products or both? You must stop scratching first. As far as we all are concerned, flea bites lead to terrible itching, so you seem to can’t stop scratching. However, scratching is a slippery slope by virtue of the fact that it can make your bites open and wider, then the serious virus may penetrate into your body. It’s not a surprise that many of you know the disadvantages of scratching, but ceasing this action is more difficult than we think if you don’t apply any measures to reduce itching.

  • Wash the infected areas with warm water, combine with antiseptic substances. Freshwater at an appropriate temperature is a good choice to soothe itchily and is a powerful antiseptic. Water should not be too hot that burn and dry your skin. About 44oC is highly recommended.
  • Make use of ice in your fridge. Take out some ice cubes, wrap them in a piece of a soft cloth and keep it onto your bitten areas within around 10 minutes. Why should you use cloth? As ice really burns your sensitive, vulnerable skin. Continue applying after some minutes if the tickling feeling does not diminish.

When you have completed these first-aid steps, it’s time to choose a do-it-yourself home treatment or chemicals.

Home remedies

  • There is nothing better than aloe vera in your own beautiful garden. Cut one aloe vera big leaf and rub the gel directly on the bitten areas.
  • Like above vera, basil is one alternative. Take some basil leaves, crunch all and apply directly to flea bites.
  • Green tea is always famous among hundreds of plants; nonetheless, it does not bring the same effect to all types of skin. Bathe with green tea water every day.
  • Coconut pulp: Smash coconut up and grind all pieces in the blender. Apply that pulp to flea bites and leave them aside in at least 1hour or even throughout the night.

NOTE: Actually, many natural methods are available, but keep in mind that each and every material bring different effects to different kinds of skin. As a result, keep calm and try.

Chemical treatment

Unlike natural products, chemicals can bring few side effects or even allergy if your skin can’t bear. Among a variety of items, calamine lotion is proven to protect your skin. Nevertheless, for the 100% guarantee, ask your VET for advice.

To sum up

Treating flea bites on your body is not all the tasks you need to do. Most importantly, you ought to find out flea infestation sources and get rid of all. Eliminate fleas in your home, in your pets, and in your garden. In addition, if you are bearing minor discomfort, your pets may be under badly terrible. Finally, if one method does not bring effects as you want, try to change or mix it with others.


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