The 7 Devastating Effects of Alcohol on Health


The 7 Devastating Effects of Alcohol on Health

By Bijay Rawat 1 year ago Health

If there is a substance that many people do not take seriously in terms of the risks they have for health is alcohol. It is perhaps one of the worst drugs that exist since it is socially accepted and many see it as normal. One of the worst risks that alcohol has is its addiction.

Since it is very complicated to leave it and once you try it later many can not stop drinking. Even for those who only do it on an occasional basis, it can gradually become something else.

Alcohol is very underestimated by the population.

They consider that a glass or a beer from time to time is not a problem and the truth is that yes.

In the long term, a series of diseases can also occur and you have to be very attentive. Especially because everyone will understand in their own way what it is to drink moderately or excessively.

For a person, about 3 beers may seem to be drinking alcohol in moderation. But for others maybe it’s 10. And that’s where the problems begin.

If you are one of those who usually go out drinking with your friends, co-workers or in your house there is always alcohol because “you never know when you can celebrate” you must be aware that it does not become an addiction.

This is one of the worst to deal with and the ones that take people the most to accept them.

The problems that alcohol causes in health are many.

Starting with the ones that are the day after the drinks:

The hangover is terrible, the symptoms do not allow you to even make your day in a normal way.

But in the medium and long term, they are devastating, as it can trigger cancer or chronic diseases such as cirrhosis.

The 7 Devastating Effects of Alcohol on Health

1- Damage to the liver

If there is an organ that suffers a lot from excessive or continuous consumption of alcohol, it is the liver.

He is the one who is responsible for “processing”, but its composition and pH will cause damage that ends up triggering the dreaded cirrhosis.

Which is a chronic disease in which your organ simply stops working and causes serious health problems?

The liver is responsible for processing the blood that passes through the intestinal system, also metabolizes all chemicals.

When there is too much alcohol in the blood he starts to work much more forced and that is where the problems start.

It is also the one that takes care of it leaving the organism, but when the quantities are so many it is surpassed and it can not fulfill its function, reason why these chemists remain inside the body during much more time. Not only do you have to worry about cirrhosis.

You can also suffer from fatty liver, which leads people to make many changes in their lifestyle.

In fact, then you can not tolerate even a drop of alcohol without it affecting you.

It also has certain repercussions on the lifestyle. You will be forced to make changes in your daily habits.

You can also present pictures of fibrosis that are small tissues that begin to create around the liver that ends in inflammations that are usually very annoying. It is the first step for cirrhosis.


2- Problems with the digestive system

The whole digestive system suffers more than the alcohol account. Both short, medium or long term.

For example:

The day after you have gone to drink you feel very bad. It does not cause you to eat, everything causes nausea, in addition to an acidity that can spread in the coming days.

All this discomfort is due to the fact that there is a greater production of gastric acid, which can generate ulcers or perforations in the gastric wall over time.

Suffering from gastritis is another of the diseases that can trigger.

It also affects the esophagus causing endless diseases related to this organ.

There have even been cases of cancer due to excessive consumption of alcohol.

You can also suffer from diabetes since alcohol in excess modifies the amount of glucose in the blood.

The pancreas is another of the most affected, as it begins to produce toxic substances that will affect the rest.

With the body full of harmful substances begin the problems and discomforts, especially indigestion.

3- Heart attack

Of course, the heart and indeed the entire cardiovascular system is affected by alcohol consumption. Especially when it is in excess. One of them is cardiac arrhythmias that can trigger a heart attack.

You can also begin to suffer from different heart diseases that are not recommended because if the heart does not work properly begins to affect the rest of the organs.

Frequent consumption of alcohol can also trigger a rise in blood pressure in the long term and cause a cardiovascular accident.

4- It affects the brain

It is the first that is affected by alcohol consumption, in fact when it is very occasional.

When you drink you get dizzy and it’s because your nerve endings begin to be affected. You lose your balance, you get dizzy.

Maybe for you, it is not a problem, but imagine that you fall and suffer an accident serious as a fracture or perhaps even die as a result of it. So you can not dismiss any symptoms.

The brain is not able to send the correct signals and for example, remain with a good balance. That you make good decisions.

All the chemicals that he secretes are altered, so you have to be very careful.

If you are one of the people who usually drink alcohol, you will always generate addiction.

The brain will not be able to send the warning signals that you do not keep drinking as problems can arise. If your brain does not work well, the rest of the body will not either.

By not having control of your impulses or behavior there are many people who change their mood in a radical way. People who are very calm tend to become violent. While others are much more uninhibited and do things that when they are in their right mind would not be able.

There are many people who when they drink alcohol in excess lose their memory. They are not able to remember many of the things they did while they were under that condition.

5- Lower your defenses

When you consume alcohol as if it were water your immune system is seriously affected.

You will not be able to face any disease that comes your way, especially infections since you will be very weak because of it.

By having too much alcohol in the blood you do not produce white blood cells that are the ones that fight infections and red ones that raise hemoglobin.

So you will have a body without any protection.

6- If you are an athlete

If you are a person who regularly exercises or if you go to the gym on a continuous basis, alcohol is very harmful to you.

One of the biggest problems it causes is dehydration, especially when taken in excess. Replenishing all that fluid and lost electrolytes is not an easy task.

They also affect the muscles that also lose some of the water in their composition and in turn energy.

If you have had a night of drinks in which you exceeded yourself, it is best to do a very smooth, recovery-type session.

If you demand too much to the muscle you can cause an injury, the fibers can break and you will have to stop for a while.

No doubt that is not what you want because you will not have the best results in terms of the goals you have set.

If you consume alcohol frequently you will also experience a continuous loss of muscle mass and if you are a person who goes to the gym on a regular basis it will not help.

So if you are trying to gain muscle mass you should think about quitting alcohol or at least reducing your consumption to the maximum.

7- Death

In Full Muscle, we do not exaggerate. Although many believe that it is not possible, excessive consumption of alcohol can end in the death of a person.

Have you heard about the ethyl coma?

It is about when a person in a very short time consumes a lot of alcohol that his body is not able to process. Or that he has consumed alcohol constantly for days without eating or eating anything else.

Given the high levels of alcohol in the blood begin to affect the action of different organs, including the lungs and is where people collapse and die.

Also because you can suffocate with your own vomit.


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