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Mint is a green plant that people are familiar with. Its leaves can be used as medicine, and can be soaked in water to drink directly, but do you know what menthol is? It is a white crystalline substance, and it is a chemical agent, which is a natural ingredient extracted from the stems and leaves of peppermint. It contains a large amount of peppermint essential oil, which has particularly high medicinal value.

The Efficacy, Function and Contraindications of Menthol

1. Medicinal properties

If you want to understand the efficacy of menthol, you must have a comprehensive understanding of its properties. It is a saturated cyclic alcohol extracted from natural peppermint oil. This substance is also called menthol or mint ice. It is a kind of Flammable substance that burns without smoke. Menthol has a strong mint aroma, and it has a burning or cooling sensation after eating or applying it, and it is difficult to dissolve in water.

2. Increase the aroma of food

The most commonly used effect of menthol in daily life is to improve the aroma of food. It is often used as a food flavor by people. In some candies and chewing gums, as well as baked goods, menthol is often added for flavoring. It can It is made into special food with mint flavor. The mint chewing gum and mint-flavored cakes we usually eat are all produced after adding menthol.

3. Anti-inflammatory and anti-itch

Anti-inflammatory and anti-itching is also an important effect of menthol, because the main component of menthol is peppermint oil, which has the effect of anti-inflammatory, sterilizing and anti-itching traditional Chinese medicine. People can use it to make toilet water, soap, toothpaste, etc. in industrial production, and various daily necessities , After applying it on the skin, it will have a clear cooling effect, and it can eliminate skin inflammation. After being bitten by mosquitoes, apply toilet water containing menthol in time, and the symptoms of redness and swelling can be quickly relieved.

Contraindications of Menthol

Menthol is a medicinal ingredient, it has a certain degree of irritation, and it is not easy to use it in large quantities, and those younger infants and young children cannot use menthol. In addition, menthol should not come into contact with the eyes. , ask a professional physician for treatment.



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