Opportunity Management with Sales CRM-how to do it

"Opportunity management" is the process used to direct deals in the sales pipeline for business-to-business transactions toward a successful conclusion. All of your opportunities, their data, tasks, and internal sales CRM activities can now be seen on a single, organised dashboard.

Opportunity Management with Sales CRM-how to do it

For business-to-business transactions, "opportunity management" is the method through which deals in the sales pipeline are guided toward a successful conclusion.

The ability to handle opportunities thoroughly requires awareness of the following.

  • Who do you want as customers and why
  • Purchase Methodology
  • the steps in your sales process
  • Timeframe of your sales cycle
  • Means of contact with potential customers that work best
  • Methods for Classifying Business Data
  • Implementing these elements helps simplify opportunity management, which is mostly dependent on your CRM's pipeline.


Your opportunities, their data, your tasks, and your sales CRM internal activities can all be seen on one streamlined dashboard thanks to the pipeline functionality.

As a consequence, management is simplified, sales are improved, and lost opportunities are drastically reduced.

Depending on the specifics of your sales procedure and the details of the deals you're tracking, you may tailor your pipeline to reflect these aspects.

Finally, you may adjust the closure probability percentages (e.g., 25%, 50%, 75%, 90%, 100%) that are shown in your pipeline to represent the chance of your transaction's concluding.

This is useful information for sales managers who are trying to anticipate new business.

What Role Does Opportunity Management Play in Business?

The clarity in Deals Throughout The Organization

Opportunity managementsoftware gives your team a bird's eye view of all your offers in one place. If your AEs sell in teams or if a new sales expert has to be trained, this might be useful. In addition, managers may save time by relying less on internal emails and more on big-picture and contextual transaction information on their pipelines.

More money from deals won

When leads are properly managed, sales efficiency soars. If you include discovery notes with an opportunity and include details like a decision maker's objectives, you may tailor your pitch to the lead's needs. When a client asks you to do anything particular to take a transaction ahead, you may record it in the opportunity. Simply put, opportunity management is meant to ensure that salespeople never forget anything vital to the closing of a lead.

Increased Customer Lifetime Value

Keeping your opportunities organized more effectively with dedicated pipelines. Office24by7 is a great tool for creating customer service and upselling channels. More money may be made without bringing in any new customers if you know when to pitch a certain upsell.

Repeatable Success Steps

The ability to effectively manage opportunities provides your team with a set of guidelines for achieving success. For instance, they may be aware of the ideal time to send out sales whitepapers depending on the stage of the buyer's journey and the duties still left to be done. A scalable team and business rely on dependable processes.

Five Essentials for Effective Opportunity


Generate Leads Consistently

Sales possibilities begin with lead creation at the top of the sales funnel. All of your lead generation efforts (whether organic search, paid to advertise or direct outreach) must reliably provide qualified sales prospects.

You'll need these six things to maintain a steady flow of leads:

  • Making sure your offering is just right for your target audience
  • Marketing in places frequented by your target demographic
  • Promote more effectively by addressing their problems and offering solutions.
  • Having a tempting deal (discounts, free trials, bonuses, etc.)
  • Motoring insanity with a CTA
  • The practice of providing a firm assurance (or "risk-free" purchase) to your customers.

Once a lead enters your sales funnel, just a small percentage of them will be qualifying customers. Salespeople may identify high-value prospects during the discovery phase.

Methods for Organizing Work

I indicated before that tasks assist preserve deal momentum by providing deadlines for critical sales activities. Office 24by7 allows you to organize your activities in a way that makes sense for your business by assigning them to preexisting kinds like "to-do lists," "phone calls," and "emails," or by developing new types from scratch. Setting up routines helps keep the sales staff productive and saves time for the boss.

This Is What We Call A CRM Pipeline

After that, your sales CRM pipeline is a crucial instrument for a deal organization. 

The pipeline is a crucial part of deal management since it allows you to link activities to specific agreements to achieve the fastest possible turnaround.

To shorten a drawn-out purchasing process, it is helpful to have tasks with deadlines for things like communication and contract preparation. The chance of completing a business also improves when the sales cycle is shorter.

Paths of Message Transmission

In your opportunities, you may encounter leads from a variety of sources. 

In light of this, it makes sense to connect with potential customers where they spend the most time. Beginning with a customer relationship management system allows you to use communication channels including email, SMS, and social media. In addition, you may save time by making automated campaigns.

Equipment for Reporting

You may see the results of your sales team and individual salespeople with the help of reporting tools. It is common for business possibilities to need further talks and follow-ups across many channels of contact. A salesperson, for instance, may communicate with a chief financial officer (CFO) through email and text messages for more concise updates.

These interactions, along with others, are recorded on your sales CRM reporting dashboard.

  • Is there a tally of how many jobs salespeople have checked off?
  • One salesperson's pipeline size
  • The amount of interest shown in emails, as measured by the recipients' actions, such as opening them, is known as "email engagement."
  • Periodic Payments

With the help of reporting tools, sales managers can make more informed choices based on accurate data about their prospects and the performance of their sales representatives.

Wrapping It Up

If you are someone who is in search of a reliable opportunity management software, then Office24by7 is here to help you. Contact us on +91 7097171717 for more details.

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