The correct deworming method of ivermectin, the magical effect of ivermectin!


The correct deworming method of ivermectin, the magical effect of ivermectin!

Ivermectin is a new type of low toxicity, broad-spectrum antiparasitic drug, which can effectively kill internal and external parasites, such as arthropods and nematodes, but is ineffective against protozoa, trematodes and tapeworms. Today, the editor will introduce the correct deworming method of ivermectin and the magical effect of ivermectin!

  How to use ivermectin in all stages of ivermectin:

  1. Piglets: 45-day-old piglets are vulnerable to parasite infection due to their weak constitution. At this time, deworming can prevent piglets from being infected by parasites.

  2. Shelf pigs: Pigs are fattened from the age of 90 days. At this time, medication can effectively reduce the loss caused by parasitic diseases.

  3. Fattening pigs: Deworming is carried out at the age of about 135 days in the middle of the fattening period to protect the pigs from being infected with parasitic diseases before they are put out, and reduce the losses caused by parasitic diseases.

  4. Deworming of sows before mating or after farrowing: Sows should be dewormed for 1-2 weeks during the delivery period, because the emptying time is short, and the lactation period is dangerous to piglets. For subcutaneous injection of sows (12 needles with a length of 12-15mm), do not use the commonly used 16# long needles, because they will be injected into the deep muscles of the sows and absorbed by capillaries, so that the effect of slow release and long-term effect cannot be achieved. The repellent effect will also be greatly reduced.

  5. Deworming pigs regularly, 3 to 4 times a year.

  6. If the parasite is serious, the pigs should be dewormed urgently, and transferred to regular deworming after an interval of 1-2 months.

  The benefits of ivermectin:

  Premixed anthelmintics are particularly widely used, but injections of ivermectin may be rarely used. Because it is more troublesome to use, the injection is made of plastic, and the pig is okay, but it is very difficult to use the subcutaneous drug for the big pig, so people rarely use the injection as an internal and external deworming drug.

  When deworming pigs, people generally use Chuyangling (phoxim) and some other external medicines, but the effect is not very satisfactory. Are there any other external medicines? Yes, that is the injection of ivermectin, the clinical effect is quite good, and it is convenient, economical and practical. It has a good therapeutic effect on rash, early staphylococcal infection, dermatitis caused by moisture, and ascaris and lungworm in the body.

  Specific operation usage:

  The usage is very simple, easy to operate, and the effect is fast and obvious. You may wish to try it.

  Operation method: Ivermectin is mixed with water (10 to 20 ml of water with 250 grams to 2000 grams), the amount of water added is controlled according to the severity of the disease, and the lesions can be cured with a manual sprayer or sprayed on the whole body once or twice, deworming and dermatitis in the body Renal syndrome, Staphylococcus and Pneumocystis should reduce the amount of water and increase the number of doses. It is quite safe for piglets and pregnant sows.

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