The pros and cons of neomycin sulfate selection and medication!


The pros and cons of neomycin sulfate selection and medication!

There are many pharmaceutical factories in the veterinary drug market that are producing and selling neomycin sulfate products. Fake and defective products are always two types of commodities that are repeatedly prohibited in the free market economy. Therefore, the selection of high-quality genuine neomycin sulfate has become the key and prerequisite for effective medication. Today, the editor will introduce the advantages and disadvantages of neomycin sulfate and the choice and medication!

  Advantages and disadvantages of neomycin sulfate:

  First, let's talk about those fake neomycin sulfates. When people use neomycin sulfate, most of them are faced with "neomycin sulfate soluble powder"; because its basic production technology and conditions are not high, it is common in the veterinary drug market.

  In view of the fact that the original drug of neomycin sulfate is easily soluble in water, once you buy neomycin sulfate veterinary products with poor water solubility or insoluble in water, it means that you have bought "fake neomycin sulfate". Vegetarian Drug Products"!

  Moreover, the true and qualified color of the original drug of neomycin sulfate is white or off-white; if the veterinary drug product of neomycin sulfate you buy is yellow or light yellow, or even other colors, it means that you have bought " Fake neomycin sulfate veterinary drug product"!

  Of course, the identification of fake neomycin sulfate is not only based on water solubility and color, but also in many aspects. Because some identification requires professional testing equipment, we will not explain them one by one.

  Second, let's talk about those "defective" neomycin sulfates. Another expression of defective products is poor quality, such as the phenomenon of black and white discoloration of the drug, agglomeration and gas production of the drug, almost no inhibition zone or substandard antibacterial zone in the titer determination of the drug (the state has this issue. clearly defined standards), etc. These are all signs of poor quality of neomycin sulfate products.

  Once a user buys such a neomycin sulfate veterinary drug product, it will not only have no effect, but also cause re-injury to the digestive system of sick livestock and poultry due to a large number of toxic by-products produced in inferior neomycin sulfate products, aggravating, Aggravate the disease and even cause mass death of livestock and poultry.

  Medication of Neomycin Sulfate:

  Understand the pharmacology and antibacterial spectrum of neomycin sulfate, because beyond its effective effect and pathogenic spectrum, no matter how good the drug is, it will be ineffective.

  Neomycin sulfate is an aminoglycoside antibiotic. It has a good antibacterial effect on sensitive bacteria in the digestive system such as Escherichia coli, Salmonella, Pasteurella, Staphylococcus (methicillin sensitive strain), Proteus genus, etc. , Streptococcus pneumoniae, Enterococcus, etc. have poor antibacterial activity. Pseudomonas aeruginosa, anaerobic bacteria, etc., are resistant to neomycin sulfate.

  Neomycin sulfate is administered orally to livestock and poultry, and under normal circumstances it is rarely absorbed (within 5%). However, if a large dose is continuously orally administered, especially when the intestinal mucosa has ulcers or inflammation, the gastrointestinal tract of livestock and poultry can still absorb a considerable amount of neomycin sulfate. Especially when the kidney function of livestock and poultry declines, the excretion of neomycin sulfate into the body slows down, and the blood drug concentration in the body can be significantly increased at this time.

  For grassroots veterinarians and drug users, remember not to inject neomycin sulfate for systemic administration, because neomycin sulfate administered by injection has significant nephrotoxicity, so currently neomycin sulfate is taken orally, and the effectiveness of oral administration And safety has been used in livestock and poultry clinics for sixty or seventy years.

  As mentioned at the beginning of the article, the frequency of use of neomycin sulfate in the breeding process is relatively high. In the current livestock and poultry veterinary clinic, neomycin sulfate veterinary drug products are often used for bacterial enteritis, combined with the treatment of respiratory diseases, it is a commonly used drug. However, many people have not used the effect of this medicine and used it "".

  The key question is: when everyone uses neomycin sulfate veterinary drug products, they must be administered in combination, and at least two or more drugs must be used when prescribing!

  In the treatment of enteritis-type Escherichia coli, macrocyclic drugs such as neomycin with erythromycin thiocyanate, tylosin tartrate or tilmicosin solution are used. Because when neomycin sulfate is used with macrocyclic drugs, there will be a synergistic effect between them, which can increase the efficacy; at this time, if a TMP synergist is added, the effect will come faster!

  Specific to how to determine the actual clinical formula, the effective therapeutic dose of neomycin sulfate is 8~10 catties of water according to 1 g of neomycin sulfate; the above macrocyclic drugs are treated with 1 g of water and 10 to 15 catties of water; the effective dose of TMP The calculation method is the sum of the two drugs, and the synergy is calculated according to the drug sensitivity test 3:1, 4:1 or 5:1!

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