Herbs That Can Keep Body Healthy


From ancient time, Ayurveda has come up with solutions to a lot of diseases and some of which are really complicated. Ayurveda has a lot of herbs which are used as medicines and they are derived from flowers, leaves, fruits, roots, seeds and bark.

Ayurvedic health products are also made from natural ingredients and they hardly have any side effects on the body. These are a few Ayurvedic herbs that one can use in order to maintain a healthy life.


Also known as the carom seeds they are used as a spice and as a base of a lot of home remedies. This has a very distinctive taste and aroma. Ajwain belongs to the same family as cumin, carrot, anise and asafoetida. This one is used both as a medicine and a culinary spice. According to Ayurveda, this can treat persistent coughs, asthma, indigestion and flatulence. Ajwain has a lot of anti fungal and anti bacterial properties and it can also ignite the digestive fire. It can also lower the cholesterol level in a human body by preventing health diseases. Those who are suffering from hypertension can also get benefit from having ajwain.


This is very much used in traditional Ayurvedic medication. The roots of this herb have a strong aroma and it comes with a lot of benefits. If one is going through a lot of stress, this can be of a lot of help in order to increase the vitality and energy. It can also help the body to preserve energy level and also promote some peaceful sleep at night. It also enhances the memory and cognition. In fact, it also helps one to maintain the normal thyroid. It can also maintain healthy testosterone in men.


It is also known as the herb of grace. This is one of the best Ayurvedic herbs that have been in use from ancient times. This can treat a lot of neurological disorders. This herb can mostly be found in tropical and wet areas and it is used as an Ayurvedic treatment in order to improve memory along with reducing anxiety. It can also help in effective boosting of brain function. Brahmi is an herb which is mainly used as an active ingredient in most brain tonics. It can decrease the cortisol levels in the body which can reduce anxiety and stress. This is also considered as the natural blood purifier and so one can get clear and skin by consuming it. Brahmi has anti oxidants which can remove the free radicals that can later mutate into cancer cells.


This is a regular spice used in Indian kitchen. This spice works as a natural tranquilizer. It is also used to treat indigestion, bad breath and asthma. It can also assist in lowering blood pressure. One can also use cardamom in hot milk in order to reduce cough and cold.

There are many Ayurvedic products companies from where one can get all the herbs and medicines which one can use to maintain daily health.