Learn How To Save On Prescription Drugs


The lives of People with serious or chronic ailments rely on prescription drugs. However, some of these life-saving medications come at a huge price. Not being able to afford medication limits access and puts life at risk. Many people fail to take prescribed drugs because they can’t afford them. Luckily, this article has some handy tips to save money on prescription drugs.

How To Save On Prescription Drugs

Try Generic Drugs

Some ailments require medications that come at a huge price. Luckily, there is a chance of finding generic alternatives that come cheap. The chances are high that generic drugs are more affordable compared to brand-name drugs with similar ingredients. Generic options are a cost effective solution for people who regular have to take their medication. The rule of thumb is to check for generic versions when looking for prescription drug.

Buy From Big-Box Stores

Big chain stores have a pharmacy section with hundreds of generic drugs. There is a chance of getting prescription medication for a 30-day or 90-day supply cheaply. The pharmacy will have a list of medications available to allow clients to look up their medication easily. Visiting another store or checking on the store website allows discovering a reliable source for prescription medication.

Buy From An E-Pharmacy

The easiest and most convenient way to save on prescription drugs is to buy from a Canadian pharmacy online . All it takes is uploading prescription from your doctor to access all your medication in one place. There is no need to spend on fuel or waste valuable time moving from one local pharmacy to another searching for your medications.

A reliable e-pharmacy will have a range of brand-name drugs and generic options. This allows access to variety from which to choose the drugs suitable for your situation. Online pharmacies are the cheapest way to access prescription medication. These don’t incur overhead costs associated with brick and mortar pharmacies. Therefore, they extend the savings to customers in form of lower prices for drugs.

Get A Larger Supply

People usually get prescription drugs to last them 30 days. This means getting a new supply for the new month. This consumes a lot of time and is very inconveniencing when having a busy schedule. Fortunately, getting medication lasting longer for about 90 days saves time and money. This encourages spending less on fuel and time spent. In the long run, buying medication in larger quantities saves a significant amount.

Buy A Bigger Dose

Prescription drugs come in various doses with some split into smaller milligrams. For those divided using a pill splitter including tablets and capsules, the doctor can give you a double dose on request. Keeping these handy saves life and money. Buying a larger dose limits the expenditure on fuel to get smaller doses. Additionally, a larger dose saves time to allow focusing on other tasks.

Try Prescription Assistance Programs  

Sometimes the state, local governments, and non-profit organizations offer various prescription assistance programs. Qualifying for this requires matching the program income requirements. The provincial and territorial governments in Canada have a drug benefit program for eligible groups based on income or population group.

Some of the most vulnerable groups eligible to benefit from the program include seniors, people with ailments that require high costs for medication , and beneficiaries of social assistance. The drug assistance programs available in each province include:

  • Pharmacare in British Columbia
  • Prescription Drug Program in New Brunswick
  • Drug Benefit Program in Ontario
  • Prescription Drug Insurance in Quebec
  • Drug Cost Assistance Program in Prince Edward Island

Manufacturers’ Saving Programs

Sometimes drug manufacturers offer ways to assist people access their medications cheaply. The program support varies by company and medication.  Drug manufacturers offer assistance to help patients use their drugs to limit use of generics. This is possible through offering drug-claim cards that work like coupons. Other drug manufacturing companies give out samples of their medication for patients to use before buying their regular supply.

Additionally, drug manufacturers also offer assistance and bridging for people to access their medication. Bridging allows access to medication when supply is down due to factors like switching jobs. Compassionate assistance allows patients to continue using medication after participating in clinical trials. Other forms of patient support from drug manufacturers include to save on prescription medication include:

  • Physician concierge
  • Patient disease education
  • Infusion clinic management
  • Patient training
  • Risk management programs

Be A Savvy Shopper

Lastly, the price of prescription drugs varies by store. So, doing research allows discovering a cheaper source. Due diligence allows finding out medication with discounted full price. There is also a chance of finding a local pharmacist willing to sell you at a lower price. This is a trick to lure return customers. When purchasing drugs with cash, there is always room to bargain.

Bottom Line

There are various ways to save when buying prescription medication. However, buying from an online pharmacy is cheaper and convenience. There is access to various medications including generic options with a few mouse clicks. The best thing is the low prices since e-pharmacies don’t incur overheads like brick and mortar stores.