Personal Improvement Through Good Behavior

Want to know about personal improvement? The outcome of ideas, beliefs, and sentiments. Your character is a formation of whatever opinion you have about yourself.

Personal Improvement Through Good Behavior

Want to know about personal improvement?

The outcome of ideas, beliefs, and sentiments. Your character is a formation of whatever opinion you have about yourself.

It is possible that nature has not bestowed you with an impressive personality, but there is no doubt that you can make it great by your behavior.

We are always dependent on each other whether it be at home, in office, or in business circles. you are always in search of those qualities without which we find ourselves incomplete.

We have to learn these qualities from others. In this manner, we should build up a mentality to care for other people.

It is a must for every individual to inculcate the feelings for friendship and togetherness. In the absence of these qualities, [ personal improvement ] even the most competent and capable person will be a pygmy and his personality will remain unimpressive.

A person who limits all his activities around his ‘self’ only, can never progress in life.

What is Personality after all?

If you wish to be recognized as a learned and successful person in the world, you have to do away with yourself, your ideas, your thought process to such as degree that the sentiment of separation among 'mine and you're' evaporates.

It can be a stage when you realize in your thought, actions, and heart that the whole universe is one.

The man who interested only in his affairs and himself is never accepted by society. In other words, this type of person is deprived of the sympathy of others.

Such a person can neither exert any influence on society nor can his own personality be energetic & impressive.

He casts a negative influence on people around him & so nobody wants to remain associated with such a person.

A person who is self-centered 'personal improvement' and takes and takes pride in self-praise is isolated from society. Just as a branch cut from the tree dries up in the same way if an individual refrains from the society he too becomes useless.

His human qualities die; his capabilities are diminished. An isolated man does not get any support if he comes in contact with other people.

This fact can be understood in the words of famous British poet RUDYARD KIPLING in this way- “The strength of a wolf lies in his group.” The character cannot be developed in isolation.

When we mix up with people we will learn many things form them and in turn, teach them many things. We can add to the extraordinary qualities of our character just when we live among individuals.

Just as a sharp stone becomes blunt and takes proper shape when it hits the other stones in the current river, in the same way, we can develop our innate qualities and capabilities when we live in society and meet other people.

People often face failures in friendship, in marriage, in business, in career, in dealings, in employment just because they are unable to adjust with other people.

Take Care of Others: Personal Improvement

Good behavior and co-operation make a man popular/perfect. As a result, the possibilities of his progress and success increasingly multiply. Then the feeling of help and gratitude towards others not only adds to human qualities in a person but also increases his characteristics qualities.

Your success to a great extent depends on how you behave with others. It is rightly said that you should behave with others to behave with you. The behavior of a person should be such that it spreads the fragrance of love and affection all around so that tomorrow he too may experience similar feelings of oneness and sympathy from others.

Generally, a man by nature loves to live in a society with cooperation. He realizes the need of family & society while moving on a difficult path of life. Man has to depend upon his companies for survival. The feeling of co-operation makes a man competent.

In this competence lies his achievements & sense of satisfaction. The success of a person depends on the co-operation of his fellow beings and his relations with them.

Another quality of a man’s personality in his ability to attack. This is related to the need and necessity or his protection from others. It is only due to this reason that man faces difficulty in co-operating with others.

He cannot tolerate if someone rebukes him or takes undue advantage of him. He does not allow anyone to come near him. This means that he is jealous and doubtful.

All the mental obstruction can be overcome inculcating the feeling of love and co-operation to others.

Remember This!

Twenty centuries back, Saint Paul composed a letter to underhanded disapproved of individuals, in which he attempted to clarify another perspective of affection. He explained through specific images that man can dispose of his forcefulness with the assistance of affection and co-activity.

Love is tolerant, it is kind and it is not jealous of others. Love is neither proud nor arrogant, neither indecent nor selfish, it does not easily get irrigated. There is no limit of confidence, hope, & tolerance & co-operation which originates from love.

In every individual, there is an inner desire and need for love. It is rightly said the loves bigots love. That is why when a person loves someone he comes to know his own importance and realizes that others also pass through the experience of married life.

Read This Carefully!

Once a couple went to an orphanage. They liked a child there and they wanted to adopt him. They told the child that after taking him home they would give lots of things. Then the child said if they could not provide him anything more than a good house, clothes, expensive toys, then he would rather prefer to stay on in the orphanage. The couple asked him- “What else do you want?” The child replied- “I want someone   should love me.”

You will be held in high esteem of you have respect, tolerance, co-operation, and love for others. So to achieve success in life we must always care for others. What is the hesitation in giving love and respect? We are in actuality giving something, not taking anything.


Just wake up & break the wall of separation & you will find that the whole universe in your own.

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