Top 4 Benefits to Know Before Using Pressure Relief Mattresses


For every adult human being a mandatory 8-hour sleep is unavoidable and even medically recommended. You might not think too much about it, but 8 hours is a long period of time to be laying on a mattress. Unless your mattress relieves you of physical stress and provides a good night’s sleep, what is the use of having it in the first place? If ignored, a normal spring mattress could pose a serious health risk and cause decubitus ulcers, also known as pressure ulcers or bedsores. These aren’t something that you can ‘get over’ in a day or two. For instance, the bedridden patients who are either partially or completely immobile must use a pressure-relieving mattress. But even otherwise, a pressure mattress is recommended for every person.

Here are the top four benefits that you should know about pressure relief mattresses.


  1. It provides multiple pressure points

    As opposed to normal mattresses, a pressure mattress provides multiple pressure points to cover the entire body area. Whichever side you may sleep on during the nights, i.e., on your back, to either side or face-down, a pressure relief mattress ensures that the mattress surface does not cause damage to the internal skin tissues that would otherwise be caused due to downward gravitational pull and the upward resistance offered by the mattress.


  1. Sensitive to body temperature 

    The medical air mattress is sensitive to body temperature. So when you lay on the mattress, it detects your body temperature and contours the cushions according to the heat dissipated from your body. It levels the foam evenly so all of your body, especially your spine is in perfect alignment as you close your eyes and experience a wonderful sleep.


  1. Availability of all sizes

    Most of the time, options for mattresses are limited by sizes. That is, a queen-size or a king-size bed frame would have higher chances of finding the right mattress as compared to single bed mattresses. But a pressure mattress is available in all sizes, from a single bed to king-size. Also, the costs are competitive and do not strain your pocket while keeping you out of harm’s way. Although it is recommended to contact a medical air mattress manufacturer and seller such as Medtronic, who can also customize a mattress as per individual specifications.


  1. A must-have for the bedridden

    Chronic pain and certain terminal illnesses may render patients to be bedridden most of the time or all the time. In such cases, comfort and pain-free ergonomics become a necessity. Pressure relief mattresses aren’t just for luxury though, they are a medical need. For those undergoing the treatment for a spinal cord injury, or treatment for severe pain in the lower back area, or anywhere below the waist, a good sleeping posture with proper spinal alignment is generally advised. That’s why doctors recommend a medical air mattress that ensures that no skin tissue damage occurs while the patient lies on top of the mattress for an extended period of time.

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