Top 5 Health Apps To Try In 2018


Top 5 Health Apps To Try In 2018

If you are among those health-conscious folks, you must always be on the lookout for some of the best apps that can help you keep your health and fitness goals on track. Yes, such apps exist that can be a perfect aid for you in your health endeavors but you really need to pick cautiously as you’d never want something that misguides you on a matter as serious as your health and fitness. To make it all easier for you, here we have listed the top 5 health apps that you must try out in 2018.


Fooducate is the nutrition app that gives you access to some great insights into foods you eat every day. With more than 250000 foods available for comparison, the app grades different food items allowing you to make healthy food choices according to your needs. So, you know what’s good for you and what’s bad. With food cate, app, you can also track your workouts, food intake, and different other variables that may contribute to your overall health. It offers recommendations on foods you should be eating and allows you to interact with a whole community as well.


If you have been making food choices on Instagram for iPad previously, you don’t need to anymore. Lifesum is yet another amazing app that combines workouts and diet to help you make great progress with your health endeavors. You are not forced by the app at all to keep the hardcore details about every single meal you have. Rather, it gives you the basic guidelines that you must follow to keep everything on the right track. You have to provide the app with your gender, height, weight and overall fitness goals. It offers personalized recommendations based on the information that you provide. With the free version, you get a few social features along with exercise and food tracking. For everything else, however, you will need a subscription.


It is among the popular health applications that do a wonderful job when it comes to keeping a check on your diet. With its large database containing lots of food items, you can know what impact each food item will have on your overall health. One of the most useful functions of the app is calorie counting. Besides, you can integrate the app with lots of different health and fitness apps as well. Besides, the app gives you access to various exercises that you can perform, stats on your health progress, and an entire community that you can engage with.

MyPlate Calorie Tracker

Another one among the best health apps out there, MyPlate Calorie tracker boasts of its huge database that features more than 2 million items. There’s an in-app barcode scanner that allows you to quickly scan different items for easy tracking. With in-depth capabilities that even allow the app to keep track of the water you take every day, you certainly can’t find anything as good as this. The app also offers Google Fit integration as well to accompany various other handy features.

Yoga Studio

One of the best yoga apps out there for fitness geeks, the app gives you everything you need for perfect yoga training and keeping yourself as fit as ever. The app is a cool choice for beginners as well as the intermediates if not for the Pros. Your Yoga Studio allows you to set up your Yoga routines and customize them as you need. With its library of more than 280 poses, tailored class scheduling, and other cool features, you can’t ask for a better yoga assistant.

So, if you are really conscious about your health and want to keep things on track for spending a healthy life without much of an effort, try these few health apps this year to assist you.

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