What Are Protabs & Who Would possibly Enjoy Them


As our first discussion talked about, we are at the early beginnings of the legal cannabis business locally and globally. That leaves opportunities for creative solutions to enter the market. In this discussion, I need to deal with a comparatively new product class for the cannabis business created by the San Francisco firm Stage; protabs. New items like these may leave many hesitant to present them a try. Many have praised protabs and added them to their go to list. To see if protabs are right for you we’ll break down what protabs are, how they are made, and who might enjoy them.
What Are Protabs?
​Protabs are cannabinoid specific tablets infused with steam distilled cannabis terpenoids. Breaking that down, Degree blends a specific chemical compounds of the plant with fragrant oils. For instance, the sativa, indica, and hybrid protabs contain Delta-9-THC; the central psychoactive compound in cannabis. Different protabs comprise CBD, Delta-8 THC, THCA, and CBG.

Protabs aren’t considered edibles. They are small, circular, mint-sized tablets categorized as capsules or orally consumable concentrates. That sets them out of the 100 mg limit placed on edibles. That’s why they arrive in 250 mg packages; ten capsules dosed at 25 mg each. Protabs are cannabinoid particular and scored down the center, allowing for smaller doses. Protabs are swallowed with water followed by a 30-to-60-minute activation delay
How Are They Made?
Steam distillation allows Degree to isolate terpenes. The process begins by converting stable, cannabis materials into vapor and then turning the terpene profile into a liquid oil. The steam distilled terpenoids are infused with the cannabinoid to create the entourage effect. The taste and odor of terpenes like myrcene and pinene work together with cannabinoids such as THC or CBD to boost the meant results; a stronger high or medicated effect.

Chris Emerson, PH.D., Cofounder, and Chief Scientist at Level understands everyone has a unique endocannabinoid system. Because of this, he encourages people to experiment with cannabis as they build confidence with what works for them. A single cannabinoid will be an effective remedy; nevertheless, combining cannabinoids can provide essentially the most therapeutic benefits by means of the entourage effect.
Who May Enjoy Them?
​Protabs can be attractive for a number of reasons. The higher mg count can attraction to these with higher tolerances. Bentonians who want to understand how specific cannabinoids affect them in isolation. Degree appeals to the growing pattern of microdosing by providing a discreet way to relive stress, enter the move state, or keep the high while being able to manage the dosage. Someone who doesn’t smoke and/or is tired of consuming sweet or chocolate covered edibles can rejoice with the small, potent protabs. As you may tell, there are a lot of reasons why someone could also be drawn to protabs.

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