Why kids who look like their fathers are healthier?


According to research, it is revealed that the kids who look like their dads are healthier providing that their father has a single wife they are born from. The study showed that when these kids have resembled their dads, they have grown up healthier as compared to those who don’t look their dads.


Professor Solomon Polachek said, “The fathers who perceive the idea that the kid has resemblance him, he is more certain that this kid is his blood. Therefore, they pay more attention to them.”

The kids who resemble their dads usually spend more time with their fathers as compared to those who don’t look like their dads. Therefore, when they reach their first birthday, they have adopted a lot of habits and behavior from fathers. This research was done at Binghamton institute of health, New York. 715 families were made the part of research in which kids were living with their mother and dad both, somewhere, where kids were living with their mothers only. Professor Solomon Polachek, who did the research said the kids who resemble fathers at their birth are more likely to be healthier at their first birthday. He further said the resemblance induce the father to spend more time with his kid; as a result, the kid gets to engage with his father and chip off as a better and healthier kid. He said a father should spend a minimum of 60 hours with his kid to make him better and healthier in his growth. It produces positive parenting which is necessary to develop a kid as a better human being.


This attention paid by father always has the great impact on the health of an infant. Especially in fragile families. Another Doctor who was helping in research Dr. Marlon Tracy said, “We discovered the children’s health scale improve when they have more resemblance to their fathers. The main reason for the better child health is that father visits more frequently to his kid when he has more looks like him. This automatically increases the parental time and care for that kid. That father would be willing to take care, supervision and the responsibility of economic needs. These are the things which certainly help a kid to grow fast and healthy.”

This study endorses fathers to get rid of their overseas jobs and spend time with their families and children. It will certainly help them in the growth and health of their kids. It is necessary to engage with children to improve the health scale of kids. Moreover, it will create a spell of love between both entities which will certainly help them in the future and a sense of friendship will be produced in them. It is the utmost need of every child to get better parenting and care from their fathers.

Researchers further said that there is an utmost need to create awareness among them. People should spend maximum time with their kids. To achieve that purpose seminars, webinars and TV shows should be conducted.


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